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Hello there, My name is Anna Maria and I am new to blogging and so super excited. I hope you will follow me on this blogventure and learn a few things. I look forward in sharing my passion of paper crafting and hope to inspire you to tap into YOUR creative side. Happy Crafting everybody!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I feel silly to have to post this but I have already asked many different people and cant seem to get an answer. Does ANYONE know how to get the "widgets" on blogger? I am trying set up some links and such to my Stampin Up! website and other links as well. If anyone can please help me this would be GREATLY appreciated.

I have also asked SANTA for a video camera and a regular camera so I can also start posting some videos and pictures of better quality than my camera on my blackberry. lol

Thanks again and Happy Crafting everybody!!


  1. I know how confusing this can be. I did a lot of trial and error in trying to add to my sidebar (and I still don't always get it right). Go to the design tab on your blogger dashboard. It pulls up what I call and "outline" of your blog. If you click "add a gadget" on the sidebar, you'll get a window with a lot of different options. Scroll down until you find what you want to do: add a picture - allows you to add a link; add html - sometimes that's all you need to add both a picture and link - usually pre-done by someone else - this is how you can add a different background. There are a lot of options. Blogger also has good tutorials. Just search for what you're looking for. Hope this helps.

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  4. Good Luck with Santa on the video camera. Great Wish List picks too!